Tips for a Healthy Summer


The warm weather is in full swing! Here are my tips for a healthy summer:

1. Get out doors! There is tons of research about the health benefits of spending time in nature – from better blood sugar and blood pressure to decreased stress and anxiety, improved mood, better energy and concentration and better immune function. There are parks and green spaces in every neighbourhood and tremendous provincial parks within a couple hour’s drive.

2. Eat what’s in season. Try farmers’ markets for a variety of fresh, local produce at the peak of its nutritional content.

3. Manage your sun exposure. Some is good – 20-30 minutes per day is enough to make your required vitamin D. But too much increases the risk of skin cancer. Avoid peak hours, wear a hat and choose a non-toxic sunscreen. Popular natural sunscreens include the Green Beaver line or DeVita which use zinc-oxide as the active ingredient rather than hormone-disrupting chemicals.

4. Stay hydrated. In the summer we need at least 2L per day of water. If it’s too plain for you, try adding lemon, cucumber or berries. Or make herbal iced tea.

5. Repel mosquitoes naturally. If you’re concerned about getting bitten, arm yourself with natural repellants like the homeopathic formula Mozi-Q or sprays that use essential oils like Citronella or Tea tree oil.

6.Take your vacation! Many people don’t and it’s so important for your overall health. Take some time to rest and relax.

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