Back to the Sidewalk

It’s the time of year when most people’s New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory.  But that’s actually totally fine! Because the great things about health resolutions is that you can come back to them time and time again – in fact this may actually help you to succeed in the long run. 

5 Awesome Lessons from Bear

Bear, Bernese Mountain Dog, Berner

As some of you may know, this summer I got a puppy and named him Bear.  He’s got a huge heart so my original goal was to train him to work as a therapy dog.  While I had all sort of great intentions of what I would teach him, it turned out that he taught me (or reminded me!) of quite a few really important things about health and wellbeing. 

Make Stress Your Friend

Sounds crazy right? You’ve probably heard that stress makes you sick! And that our goal is to get rid of it! I recently watched an interesting TED talk that demonstrated why stress is actually beneficial; however, it depends how we think about the stress.

NEW Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

Are you looking to bring calmness to your mind and your life? Or maybe you are looking to better manage that work or family stress? Mindfulness training could be a helpful part of your plan!

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