Fabulous New Food Guide

Did you hear? Canada got a new food guide and it’s awesome! You probably didn’t know this, although it shouldn’t be surprising – one of the lead scientists who developed it trained as a naturopathic doctor.

There’s a big emphasis on increasing vegetables and fruit which provide fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And the other parts of the plate are covered by protein and a whole grain carbohydrate.  There is a shift towards including plant-based protein like legumes and nuts, which has health benefits as well as a decreased environmental impact. And the ¼ plate complex-carbohydrate portion promotes blood sugar balance which is important for health hormones, decreased diabetes and heart disease risk as well as promoting brain health.

Gone are the meat and dairy food groups.  Although they certainly can be part of a healthy diet, they are not required.  Their original inclusion as food groups is well known to be related to industry sponsorship and influence. This time around, Health Canada clearly stated “we will not be meeting with representatives from the food and beverage industry.” This is a big win for Canadians! The food guide is based on sound scientific research and not the influence of massive corporations aiming to protect their profit at the expense of the health of the population. 

The food guide also talks about HOW we cook and eat too. This includes being mindful of eating habits, cooking more often, enjoying food and eating with others – all factors known to contribute to healthier food choices and eating habits.

Click HERE to view the guide. And if you need help customizing your diet to your health concerns and goals, I’d be happy to help!